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The Cast

The Mackenzie In The Morning Show is a team of absolute radio professionals, Mike Mackenzie, Venetia Stephenson

and Daniel Vigil (aka Danny V).  Together with their quick wit, unique sense of humor and over 40 years combined experience as broadcasting professionals, they have the experience, knowledge and most importantly the PASSION to work hard and win!

Mike Mackenzie

Your mornings will never be the same with Mike Mackenzie as host of morning drive!  In 2002, The Mackenzie In The Morning show was born at WWKL/HOT 92.  

The shows ratings quickly pushed AM drive past the market competitors syndicated morning show, forcing them to switch to a live morning show in an effort to win back some of the morning numbers won by The Mackenzie In The Morning Show.  

It didn't work.

Mike's radio knowledge extends into programming, production, marketing, social media, sales and non-traditional revenue marketing.  Mike knows radio, and understands in a hightly competitive market, it's necessary to take every opportunity to reach your audience, no matter what avenue it requires.  He knows the game is NOT simply won on air and puts forth all efforts needed to win!  He strives to exceed listeners and advertisers expectations and often does it with very few, but effective words.  Ron Kamionka, President and CEO of Kamionka Entertainment Group (one of Cumulus' biggest advertisers) said this about Mike…”When Mike talks...people listen!”


Venetia Stephenson

Venetia is everything you would want in a co-host!  She understands two of the most important things about mornings.  Content and interaction.  She's in the studio by 4:30, in Production by 10:30 and out meeting listeners and shaking hands all afternoon.  Her first partime job was weekends on WINK 104 in Harrisburg, 4 months later she landed her first full time show in Sunburg, PA at WQKX where she started as the night girl and promotions director and was eventually moved to afternoon drive.  4 years later Venetia was offered middays/MD/APD at Cumulus Media's WHOT in Youngstown, OH, doubling the ratings with her first book, she was there for 2 years then transferred to WWKL in Harrisburg where she co-hosted mornings for before moved to afternoon drive as well as MD/APD.

She loves the Jets and football. Cooking is her other passion, she can't get enough Food Network!  Venetia has been Mariah Carey's #1 Fan since 1990 but she has yet to meet her!  Rob Thomas however, might be thinking about a restraining order, she's met him 4 times and everytime made a fool of herself.

Danny V.

Danny is currently the Social Media Manager for Wise Brother Media and first worked with Mike Mackenzie in 2010.  Mike will be the first to tell you, when you want your morning show to stand out above every other station in the market, Danny is the guy you need!  His skills as show producer are second to none. He knows what the show needs before the show needs it.  Danny is also a social media MASTER!   He knows how to build huge presense and get the most out of all social media, both retaining current and gaining new listeners, creating content that generates huge Facebook "likes" and "reaches". 

Danny is also a highly skilled air talent, video editor and imaging producer.  He loves working with sales and promotions and is always looking for new ways to get the show out and in the public eye all while helping generate revenue for both the station and advertisers.  With Danny, no stone is ever left unturned and no detail is ever missed!

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