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Our Game Plan To WIN

We want to be THE morning show. We do not just work between 6AM and 10AM. We work 24/7. Getting out, shaking hands, while posting about it and getting it on video for the next viral video.


Getting the stations and shows name alike stuck in people's minds. While we believe in the power of the airwaves, we believe that just as much happens off air as should be happening on-air. 


The Mackenzie in the Morning show believes in radio, believes in morning radio, and what it can do in the community.

Sure, listener habits are changing, and in a world of social media and immediacy, listeners need to be reached in new and different ways.   We believe in all types of radio, while constantly evolving to reach new listeners, we still hold true to an entertaining show that listeners would love to hear while tuning in on their morning drive. will we do this?  Simple, we believe in putting on the most entertaining show we can, with personalities, bits, interviews and conversations that kill, while enhancing them with social media, on the streets, and community efforts that the competition in town wouldn't dream of doing. 



Here's a sample of ideas we would put together the first month we were on air:


-Getting out and buying people breakfast, everyday, the first week we were on air. Getting that recognition, and the act of paying it forward alike will put us above and beyond the competition. We will be armed with station swag and get it on video of people saying who their favorite station and morning show is. 


-Broadcasting live in front (or on top of, etc.) the biggest local landmark. We want to be THE city's morning show, what better way than to broadcast live in front of one of the most iconic landmarks?


-Immediately pick a local charity and raise money from it. Mackenzie is going to be strung up from the ? for a week straight, with only pee and food breaks until we raise X dollars for this charity. News coverage, video, and interviews with the charity heads will ensue. 


-Interview local people. Anyone. Locals, tourists, everyone we can get in front of and get audio of why they love this city, and why the Mackenzie in the Morning show is their new favorite show. 


-Host a breakfast at a local buffet or restaurant for listeners. The Mackenzie in the Morning show will be there to host and meet and greet with free breakfast for our lucky winners. Pulling in a celebrity performer could work too. 


-Mackenzie in the Morning brings the luck. Hand out poker chips and stake out a slot machine. We aren't allowed to leave until someone wins the jackpot. Or simply hand out money for listeners to win money. 


The point is this. Mackenzie in the Morning wants to become your new morning show because there is simply no other show who can do what we do. The competition doesn't want to do it, so we will. We believe in getting out and making ourselves number one, while making money for our station and becoming the biggest, most trusted, most liked and most heard name on the radio. 

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