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What We've Done

Mike loves to think outside the box, think differently, think about the type of events and bits that will get the listners to get involved, react, interact and be a part of the show.  Below is a list of just some of the bits, stunts and events we have done on the show.

Running Of The Balls

When Rihanna is the hottest ticket in town and you have backstage meet and greet passes, there's only ONE way to get a winner!

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Hairy Father For Harry Potter

How badly do you want tickets for the final Harry Potter movie? Bad enough to wax your Dad on the air?  Dad answers Harry Potter trivia questions, and with each wrong answer, he got waxed!  Oh, one more thing...all he could yell during his waxing was...."KELLY CLARKSON"!!!  Ala "The 40 Year Old Virgin"

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Push The Pump

When gas prices SOARED out of control, we teamed up with Santa Fe Motorsports to giveaway free gas.  This was a 3 week promotion that generated tons of listener interest as well as other station advertisters wanting to join the promotion the next time we played it.

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Stuff The Truck

For the holiday season, we chose to go out after the show and have a voluntary remote for about 3 hours at 2 or 3 toy store locations and malls to help collect toys.  Considering the first year was a last minute idea, we doubled our efforts both on social media and on air, and the Mackenzie In The Morning Stuff The Truck event collected over 2000 toys in just 5 days.

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Danny Stalks Rihanna

Danny started at the airport and"followed" Rihanna all morning long all over town, then he finally caught up and talked to her......sort of.

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Drive Thru Karaoke

Take free food, a willing listener, and a drive thru and just let the magic happen.  

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Rain On Our Carwash

In 2011, severe wildfires raced through many residential neighborhoods in our listening area.  Our thought was quite simply this..."it always seems to rain right after you get your car washed".  So we teamed up with a local car wash, offering a free wash (in hopes it would generate rain) in exchange a cash donation to help the wildfire efforts.  The entire morning show was there to hand dry your car for an additonal "tip" that would go towards our fund raising total. We had great media, newspaper and even TV exposure, and also raised nearly $5000.

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Turkey Races


The Food Fight

President's $1.00 Handshake

Danny The Ticket Bandit

The Pop Quiz

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