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"Divas Las Vegas" Starring Frank Marino 


Hear Mike as the announcer for the longest running performer on the Las Vegas strip...Frank Marino!

He also edited many of the unique versions of the songs you hear used by the performers.  Then at the

end of the show, stand up

and applaude as you hear Mike introducing all the amazing Divas and the one and only Frank Marino

every night!  

Jeff Civillico Comedy In Action


Jeff has the funniest most entertaining show on the Las Vegas strip!  Ever since the day Mike met Jeff after seeing his show, he knew he wanted to provide Jeff with his shows new voiceovers.  Jeff loved the idea and the rest is history.  So now Mike is the voice that starts Jeff's show.



Rocktellz & Cocktails


A unique show in Las Vegas, with a fun party atmosphere. But before the party gets started, the first voice you hear at Meatloafs intamate show is Mike Mackenzie!


Mike Tyson 
"Undisputed Truth"


Mike Mackenzie was selected as the announcer voice for the intro of Mike Tyson's Las Vegas engagement of his Undisputed Truth Tour.


"Tastee Talent Trail" TV Show - Jamica


This show is "American Idol", "The X Factor", "The Voice" and "America's Got Talent" rolled into one of the biggest shows in Jamaica.  Mike has been the voice announcer of the show since 2010 and every year narrates the competition.  He tells you all about the contestants, judges and everything happening on and during the show.



Justin Flom


As seen on "Ellen", "Wizard Wars" and one of the most talented magicians of today. Mike and Justin teamed up in 2012 and he adding Mike as the show announcer.  Additionally, Justin uses Mike exclusively as his music editor.  Mike was responsible for the new version of one of Justins most famous tricks..."Card Hit Wonder".


Britney Spears Impersonator Derrick Barry


Derrick is the most sought after Britney Spears impersonator in the world, so when he needs a very specific, complex and intriquite edit of music for his shows, he turns to Mike. He has created those performance versions of songs you will only see Derrick performing.


Miss Hot Chocolate

"Piranha Nighclub"


Hot Chocoalte is the reason everyone goes to Piranha Nightclub, she is the hostess with the MOSTESS!  Miss Chocolate came to Mike Mackenzie to be the exclusive producer of all of her radio commercials and ad campaigns.


Sylvia Browne


During her tour of the US, Mike Mackenzie was the show announcer for Sylvia's Las Vegas shows. 


Human Nature

"The Motown Show"


One of the most well known shows in Las Vegas, "Human Nature" is a tribute show to the days of Motown.  Mike Mackenzie was hired as the voice of the new promo videos for the show.  Next time you're inside an elevator with a video screen, you'll probably hear Mike's voice.




Cricut Cake

Eclipse Nightclub

Harrisburg Hardware Bar

Wilkes-Barre Hardware Bar

Southwest Airlines

Clear Channel Communications

Cumulus Media

Beasley Broadcasting


Bonaroo Music Festival

Cirque Du Soleil

US Airways

College Hunks Moving Junk

Carrie Underwood DVD


Reboot With Cash


M Ticket

Eyelash Extender

Kamionka Entertainment


Donnie and Marie Christmas

Midtowne Seafood

Colgate Toothbrush

Wolf 24XS tanning beds


RainX wiper blades

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Soul2Soul


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