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ORIGINAL Laser 1041 station launch
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Launch of the NEW Laser 1041
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How to listen on

The Music

The Music

When designing the music format of the NEW Laser 104.1 online, we kept it simple.  We very carefully built our music library with only the Billboard Top 100 singles from each featured year (1980 through 1995). 


Then we added the few "must have" songs we all forgot about, but still love to hear.


When the original Laser 104.1 was on the air, this was a time in radio when you would hear a pop song play right into a rock song, then a even "light" adult contemporary hit and back into more pop or even dance, and sounded GREAT!


Top 40 radio (or the CHR format) sounded different in the 80's and 90's.  The NEW Laser 104.1 online is a return to those days with a couple extra twists.  We designed the station to appeal to a large audience.  Of course we realize not everyone may like our sound, but we feel our station is the perfect blend of music, hopefully triggering some great memories of a better time, and of course it is intended to simply be a fun radio station to listen to.

We love your music requests too!  If you have one CLICK HERE


Photo Gallery


Have some original "Laser" pics to add to the gallery?  Send them to us and we will add them.  CLICK HERE TO SEND THEM


About Us

Mike Mackenzie headshot.jpg

Nice to meet you...I'm Mike..the guy who did all this.  First, YES, that IS an old picture of me from around 1995, which was not long after I worked at the original Laser 104.1.

My career in radio began back in 1988 when I was a 12 year old intern at WAEB fm in Allentown, PA.  The very first experience I had at a radio station was at Laser 104.1 and it was the most amazing years of my life!!  After school every day, my Dad would drive me over to Fenwick Street and I did any and all tasks needed.  Quite often you would find me standing in the on air studio simply watching the DJ's.  It was amazing! 

Watching them run the board was like watching Arthur Fiedler conducting the Boston Pops Orchestra.  I was so fascinated and couldn't wait for my chance to one day to be behind that same board.


Fast forward about 30 years and I can say I have had a great radio career since those early days at Laser 104.1.  So many things have changed in the radio industry during that time and I personally felt like some of that radio "magic" we all loved has disappeared.  So what started out as a personal hobby for fun, turned into a new online version of a radio station we all knew and many people loved.

Station History

Original Laser 1041 logo - 1987

On January 26, 1987, the day known as when

"The records went away". WAEB fm switched to a 

CHR format and became "The world's 1st ever laser hit music radio station!

"The New Laser 104.1". Aptly named because 90% percent of the music (when available) was played on CD.  Legendary voice man Mitch Craig was the voice of Laser 104.1 then and once again is today for the online incarnation of the station.

One remnant of the station's "Laser Days" was at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, where back in 1987, their "Colossus" steel roller coaster was renamed "The Laser" until it was moved in 2008.

In 1991, 104.1 gradually downplayed the "Laser 104.1" moniker and identified themselves as "104.1 WAEB-FM." In September of that year, after WHXT a.k.a. "Hot 99.9" in Easton switched to WODE "Oldies 99.9", WAEB-FM's transition to "BDay" was complete. The station then became known as "The New B104".

Station History
Cotact 2

Contact Us

Send us a message, request, comment, or pictures anytime!

Thanks for your message!


Laser DJ's

Meet all the voices you hear on the NEW Laser 104.1

Alan Sheaffer

BC Beyshore

Brian McKay

Cadillac Jack

Eric Johnson

JJ Sands

Joel Scott

Mike Mackenzie

Ralph C.

Sue Sherry

Troy N. Thomas

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